6 Reasons To Watch Movie On A Home Theatre With Your Family

We all love to enjoy watching a good movie with the family. But going to a theatre to watch a good movie with family need an entire day of time and you need to plan several other things as well for that. Also, you need to hope that everything will work smoothly for this movie outing. Most of the time things never go as well as you imagine at the time of planning and that leads you to sadness and dissatisfaction. But if you have a home theatre, then things can be completely different for you and you can have much better pleasure in the comfort of your home. In fact, watching a movie in your home theatre can offer plenty of benefits to you, and I am sharing six of those benefits below with you.

Home Theatre

Save money:

Watching a movie in theatre needs a lot of money because you not only spend money for tickets, but you also spend money on the snacks, you need to pay for parking or commuting and other expenses as well. In Singapore, none of these things are cheap, and if you are going with a group, then the cost could be very high. But if you rent a DVD and you play the movie in your home theatre, then you can watch the film without worrying about all these expenses. You can order snacks from outside in half of the cost, and if you like to make your own food, then you can save even more money. You don’t have to pay anything for the ticket or commuting, and you can invite as many people as you want.

Saves time:

The biggest problem of watching a movie in a theatre is that you end up wasting a lot of your time in those things that are completely useless for this entertainment. Commuting is defiantly not a good way to spend your time. Also, you have to reach there sometime before the movie start, and usually you arrive there 30 minutes before the show time. Needless to say, you will have to wait, and that will be the waste of your valuable time as well. But if you decide to watch a movie in your home theatre, then you can start it according to your time, and you can start it as soon as all the attendees are there. Also, you can make it a casual meeting, so people don’t have to spend hours of their time in front of the mirror to look their best, which they usually do when they got to a mall or theatre to watch a movie. It will save a lot of your time in commuting and other things that I just mentioned above.

Home Theatre

More fun:

You watch a movie with family or friends so you can have more fun, but in a theatre you need to behave in a specific gentle manner. You don’t always enjoy that experience behaving gentle during the show. At the other hand, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want to do at your home. You can act as you want in front of your friend and that way watching a movie in your home theatre will surely increase the fun as well for you. And you will have more control on the show as well that will allow you to pause, play or rewind if needed. This is not possible in a theatre.

Needless planning:

Visiting a theatre to watch a movie need a lot of preparation and planning. You need to make sure everyone follows the plan. In other words, we can say, you cannot execute the plan of watching the movie together in a theatre unless you make an excellent plan and you execute it properly. At the other hand, watching a movie in your home theatre system may not need any planning at all. You can invite your friends to your home, you can get the movie, and you can play it in your home theatre. That could be as simple as that. And if you need to plan something to make it happen, that would not be a big trouble as well for you. That requirement for less or almost no planning can also encourage you to watch a movie on your home theatre system instead of going to a theatre with your friends.

Home Theatre

Zero complications:

One more thing that people do not like about watching movies in a group is that they end up having various complications in one form or other. The difficulties or problems can be anything ranging from a delayed arrival, having no availability of tickets or a conflict with other groups. Either of these things can certainly reduce or ruin your mood of watching the movie, and you could end up having a bad experience instead of good one. Home theatre system has a solution for this situation as well. You have control for the arrival time, you can make it an early morning show, late night show, or evening show depending on your friends' availability. Also, no outsiders will be there in this group, so all will have nothing but fun and if there is any fight, it will be a friendly fight that will bring only more joy to you.

Multiple movies:

A home theatre system can allow you to watch more than one movie together at one time. This is practically impossible task for you in a theatre because you will have to arrange tickets for everyone for both the films. Also, people may lose their interest watching one more movie because of obvious reasons. But if you are at home then you can buy or rent two DVD, you can finish one movie, you can eat something together, you can have fun, and then you can play another movie again. This will not increase any pressure on you or your group, but you will have double pleasure with almost zero time waste and spending. So, that is one more added advantage that you can have if you watch a movie with friends in your home theatre system instead of visiting a theatre for same.

These benefits of watching a movie on your Home theatre are not limited to this list, and you can get many other advantages as well. So, if you do not have a home theatre in your home and you had no reason to buy that until this time, then now would be a good opportunity to buy it and invite your friends to your home for some fun together.
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