7 Most Creative Tips On Setting Up Home Theater Room Wherever You Are

You no doubt have your hands on the best home theater that you have been looking for years now. Since you have it and its right in your house, the question that is now troubling you is what you can do to start rolling. Yes, to start enjoying the music. Looking around the house, you realize that something has to be done urgently for you or your family to enjoy this latest purchase. Here is the home theater, room and all that is needed for the machine to start its work. But what can you do? Where do you start with? Here are 7 undisputed tips that can help you design your home theater, room and the house in general like you have never thought of.

Home Theater Room

1. Start With The Home Theater Room

- By now as said in the preceding paragraph, who definitely know inside your mind where your home theater will be.
- Wait! Of course you know it is not from the kitchen.
- Now that you have options which will whether be either the living room or any other room that has been put aside for the same, the better.
- The two examples that have been shortlisted should be given a bit of considerations in terms of space, the comfort that may be required when enjoying your viewing or listening.
- All these plus other things that we are going to talk in the following lines have to put in mind.

2. Look At The Room Shape

- The first you may need to put in your mind that is likely determine whether you will enjoy your music or not is the shape of your home theater, room.
- Renown sound engineers say that in most cases, sound systems of high definition such as home theatres do not perform better in square rooms. What is their word?
- Therefore, they recommend that, if you don’t want to suffer sound distortions, you will need to stick to a rectangular room.
- Additionally, these sound experts continue by saying that shorter walls do a lot of good when it comes to sound projection.
- If we can believe this revelation, then it means that you are supposed to settle on a home theater, room that is rectangular and it must be short enough for you to enjoy quality sound impendence.

3. Check Your Walls

- Simply go for drywalls why do I say this? Concrete walls have a problem with sound production especially when we are talking about quality sound.
- Besides, if you are now thinking of employing the use egg cartons on your home theater wall, you are far from doing the right thing.
- Just ensure that you have a drywall and you are on the way to enjoying the kind of music with the best sound projection like you have never imagine.
- There are also things you need to avoid when it comes to walls of a home theater room: you must at all times avoid the use of glass panes to decorate the room as others do.
- Leave them to separate rooms in a production house but not your home theater room.
- Otherwise, instead of things like egg cartons and boxes, you can opt for acoustic wall panels.
- Remember that they are also referred as sound absorbers specially designed for home theater, room in your house.

Home Theater Room

4. Inspect Your Windows

- If you are intending to get the best quality of music from your home theater, the number of windows in the home theater, room is another thing that should be given priority.
- It is good to know that the higher the number of windows, the larger the problem.
- Yes, the problem here is about sound distortion.
- Remember that windows are known to be double bugaboo.
- What this means is that they are good in audio distortions especially once the sound has hit their surface.
- Apart from distorting hence compromising the quality of sound, they also reflect light which they have already admitted into the room.
- So if you can, try as much as you can to avoid windows in your home theater room.
- If it is a must that there should be a window depending on the place, make it one.
- But many parts of Singapore do not have a problem with aeration, so don’t panic of suffocation.
- If the place gets stuffy as you enjoy your music, there are machines responsible for cooling.
- Or even better still, you can use heavy curtains to curb the amount of light penetrating in the home theater, room.

5. Your Home Theater, Room Floor Is Important

Are you wondering what you will do or put on your home theater room floor? Here is a perfect tip:
- Put a tight but heavy wall-to-wall floor cover.
- Evidently this should be a floor carpet that will significantly reduce the amount of sound coming from your home theater.
- Apart from absorbing the sound that by now might assume troublesome because of the volume, it will also help with your children if any.
- Even adults have been caught in such scenarios where upon watching a good screen-gluing romantic movie, they fell to the floor.
- Were it not for the heavy carpet that was put to absorb “ambient” sound, they would break or injure they body part.

6. Greatly Consider Your Home Theater Room Color

- Of the top secrets of designing your home theater, room that are recommended by many home theater room designers, room painting is core. In fact it is one of the things given prominence.
- Why is painting of the wall in a home theater room important? Bright colors always attract much light.
- This is not conducive especially when you are watching bright scenes on the screen of your home theater.
- Make your home theater room as dark as possible.
- Rather than looking on what people normally go for-bright gloss paints, it is advisable to look for flat paints for the home theater, room.
- You can do whatever you want with the rest of your rooms.
Now that your home theater, room is set what is next?

7. Where To Place Your Speaker

- Typically, a good normal home theater has 5 full-range sound devices. In other words, it is a 5.1 sound system.
- How do you place 5 speakers and a big woofer in one room in as much as you have arranged? That is the greatest challenge. Nevertheless, you can try this: towards the front of your room, put 3 full-range speakers and a woofer.
- The other two should always be put on the either side behind your position of viewing.
- Always ensure that there is a gap of about 20 inches between the wall and the speakers.

Now you can get up and dance to the jig since your home theater, room is set.
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