Where Can I Find Speaker And Sound System Installation For Restaurant In Singapore?

There was a time when one could put a few speakers anywhere and a CD player to play the music in the restaurant. However, with increasing competition, speaker and sound system installation needs to be proper to entertain the patrons and keep them coming back. Many people do not realize that speaker installation is a scientific process and its installation plays a huge role in maintaining the ambience of the restaurant.

Incorrectly placed speakers and sound systems can play havoc wiith the overall vibe of a restaurant. Incorrect placement may result in too much sound or noise at one place and low sound at another place in the restaurant. Similarly, incorrectly placed sound system may also be prone to frequent breakdowns.

Therefore, business experts recommend restaurants to hire the services of professional sound installation services to ensure that the system is installed correctly. It adds to the overall vibe of the place. Here are a few tips for sound system and speaker installation in a restaurant.

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Placement of Speakers

Right placement of speakers is the key. If the speakers are placed too far apart, music is not going to reach every table in the restaurant. However, if speakers are placed too near to each other, it may result in unnecessary noise at a particular place. As a general rule, a room with 10 feet high ceilings should have speakers at a space of about 20 feet. The total number of speakers will depend on the size of the restaurant and the number of furnishings as well as expected people at a time.

Brand of Speakers and Sound System

There are many different brands of sound system and speakers available in the market. Some of them are too cheap whereas some of them are too costly. Businesses need to choose the sound system based on their budget. Most of the sound systems available in decent price are of sufficient quality for playing music in a restaurant. However, it is important to check the reviews of a particular brand before finalizing the purchase. Businesses should refrain from purchasing knockoffs as these speaker systems do not last long and businesses end up spending much more money in the end.

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Shapes of Speakers

There are many different types of speakers available in the market. The old-style speakers come in the form of circular shape. For these shapes to fit into the ceiling, special cut outs need to be made before the installation of speakers.Many different shapes of speakers are available in the market today. Drop tiles shaped speakers can completely replace the ceiling tiles. These speakers not only look good but a lot less number of speakers need to be installed to get great quality sound in the restaurant.

Cost of Sound System

As mentioned above, sound systems are available in the market at various price levels. However, it is important to choose the best quality of sound system available today to ensure that the quality of music inside the restaurant remains high and sound reaches every corner of the restaurant. Always remember that sound plays as important a role as the furnishings, crockery and other important things in a restaurant.

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Consider Programmable Systems

In a busy restaurant, there may be need for different kind of music in different parts of the restaurant on a busy night. For instance, different kind of music may need to be played in the waiting area whereas people inside the restaurant may want something different. Also, music may need to be changed at a certain time. There are many programmable sound systems available in the market that allow all of these and much more.

Finding the Right Sound System Installation Company

There are quite a few companies that offer Speaker and sound system installation services in Singapore. However, not all companies are the same. Experts recommend that restaurants should hire the services of a company that has experience in installing sound system in restaurants or in other big places.

As mentioned above, speakers and sound system play a very important role in maintaining the vibe of a restaurant these days. People do not visit a restaurant just to have a meal. They want to have a good time and the sound system plays an important role in that. Therefore, businesses need to pay close attention to installation of high quality speaker and sound system in the restaurant.
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