Why Install Home Theatre System In Your Home?

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Why Install Home Theatre System In Your Home? Imagine yourself sitting at home watching a movie; the sounds of bombing, rustling of leaves, punching and conversation are transmitted clear and crisp to your ears from all over the room and not just only from the television right in front of you. Turn on the music CD and enjoy the beautiful sound track coming from one corner of the room and the chorus from another corner of the room. You feel so mesmerized by the movie or music because the sounds are all around you; your senses are aroused and you feel yourself being transported to wherever you imagine!

Do you need to be in the movie theatre to enjoy such out of the world experience? No. You can enjoy the cinematic effect of the movies at the comfort of your home! How? By installing the Home Theatre System!

What are the components of the Home Theatre System? You need a television or overhead projector to display the images from your video source e.g. DVD or other player. Preferably you have a television that is able to provide quality images and sounds for better enjoyment. You also need equipment that split the surround-sound signal from the input device e.g. DVD and transit them to the television and speakers.

To get the best sound effects, you need quality speakers that can project sounds at natural level with resolution that is comfortable to your ears to complete the visual-audio experience right at home. The size of the system and number of speakers should be proportionate to the size of your room. You will be deafened in a small enclosed room if too large or many speakers are used. You also have to determine where to place the speakers and the distance between them to provide the surround-sound in your room e.g. 2 in front of you and 2 to 3 at the sides and behind you.

Why do we need a Home Theatre System if our television can provide quality images and sound? The main reason is you cannot experience the surround-sound or the cinematic effects right in your room without such a system; the system that transforms your movie experience to a whole new level right at your door step! Furthermore, going to movies can be expensive, besides paying for the tickets; you also need to pay for the transport costs. Efforts are also required to determine which theatre to go to and the need to arrange with friends, who have busy schedule to go to the theatre with you at scheduled screening time. If you have cranky children, they may tear the cinema down with their screaming.

What if you have teenagers who are always out with friends for movies and not back till late at night? Having a Home Theatre System could give you the opportunity to supervise your teenagers, as they and their friends could be right at home watching the movies under your watchful eyes! Thus, having a Home Theatre system not only allows you to enjoy the movie experience without the hassle of travelling, you can provide the cranky children a quiet and comfortable place, without disturbing other cinema goers and allow great family bonding time too.

The cost of a Home Theatre system ranges from less than a thousand to a few thousand dollars e.g. home theatre in a box or to a high of a couple of ten thousand dollars or more for a sophisticated Home Theatre System installation. Having saved on ticket costs, transport cost and ensuring great family bonding time with an out of the world experience, the long term benefits of having a Home Theatre system is considerable.

Once you have set up your Home Theatre system, what do you do next? Make your friends jealous, of course! Yes, invite your friends and relatives over for a sensational movie marathon session! As New Year is coming, invite them over to hear the fireworks display blast over the quality sound system, as if they are being released right at your door step! After all the excitement, spend some relaxing time just enjoying any sound track that will lift your moods and chase the blues away after a day of hard work, at the comfort of your home.

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