Your Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Entertainment Lounge

A functional, and exciting addition to your home are a private, home cinema. This may seem a lavish addition to your humble abode, but this entertainment room will provide you with an immersive experience. Contrary to what many people think, a home theater can be quite simple. You may be able to assemble home audio and video equipment like a 32-inch LCD TV or a video projector. This, of course, depends on your preference and your resources.

Entertainment Lounge

While there are various of ways in which you can create Home Entertainment System, here are other things you would need to consider.

1) Room

The room is largely dependent on your preference. You can opt for a smaller room for an intimate set up, or a larger room for an immersive experience. Aside from your personal preferences, you may have to take into consideration the platform you will be using. Aside from the size, you might want to look into the light present in the room. The ambient light will definitely ruin the viewing experience for viewers of both TV and video projectors. The ambient light will definitely wash out the images of the projectors. On Televisions, too much ambient light results in a screen surface reflection, or a screen glare. Also look into the sound proofing of the area. The room should be carpeted for you to keep the sound intact. You may want to consider carpeting under your home theater equipment to achieve a superior sound-proofing. An uncarpeted floor usually affects the sound distribution in the area. Hard floors result in echoes and uneven bass. A carpet successfully absorbs the audio and does not refract the acoustics.

2) Tv

The visual arrangement is one of the highlights of your home cinema. This will highly affect everything else from the room’s set up to the viewing experience. Since constructing a personal home entertainment system is a way of bringing the theater experience at home, you may want to consider in choosing your video platform. You have the freedom to choose a flat LCD display screen, OLED or a Video Projector. The display options range from 720p to 4K HD resolution images. You may want to enhance the visual presentation by upgrading to a three-dimensional display with a 3D enabled TV or projector which will support such videos.

3) Audio

Audio is also highly important for home theater systems. A well implemented audio system will create a more immersive viewing time. The entire entertainment system will have a central hub which is a combination of a radio tuner, a preamplifier and Multi-channel amplifier The radio tuner is for internet radios, XM, and even AM/FM. The Preamplifier is the unit that acts as a switch for the speakers and video source to be shown on the screen. The built-in multi-channel amplifier, on the other hand, is the one that creates the surround-sound experience that powers the speaker system.

Entertainment Lounge

4) Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers are also dictated by the size of your room. But before making a purchase, do a sound test for several set up types of speakers. Consider buying the similar brand in which you brought your video device. This way you can have a better match. You’re also going to need Subwoofer that reproduces sound in very low frequencies that are present only in movies and music. You’re going to need to do listening tests.

5) Source Components

Source components are where you input your movies and music. DVD players are the best types of source components, although, with the advent of technology, we now have an option to have a flash drive activated source component. A progressive scanning and up scaling capability are what you need in when considering a DVD player. This ensures you that the quality of images coming from your source components is optimal on your screen. After all, what are you going to do with a great Television when you have a trashy source component right? This is best cons you have a trashy source component right? This is best considered when you’re buying DVDs.

6) Surge Protector/Line Conditioner

Aside from image and acoustic quality, you’re going to need another unit that is often overlooked but essential for a premium home cinema: surge protectors. During outage of power, you’re going to need to protect you home theater system from spontaneous power surges.

Entertainment Lounge

7) Connection Cables & Speaker Wires

What’s the use of superior Home system elements when they are not in sync? Of course, you’re going to need a fluid connection in all the elements for you to get the best Home Theater Experience. You may opt to buy basic or high-end auxiliary cables and loudspeaker wires, but you have to consider the type, and length, for your personal entertainment system. When choosing the type of cables, you may look into colour-coded systems that are easier for you to gauge where the audio port and video port is. The speaker cable, on the other hand, requires for you to have the right distance depending on the interiors of your home theater.

8) Controls

Managing the system is nearly the most confusing part of having one. It’s almost like childbirth. You have to maintain, and take care of your system. Each component of the entertainment center has a different remote. Managing and controlling the audio and video of the system can be frustrating when fumbling with multiple remotes. This is one of the reasons why it is best to buy one brand for all of the components, but this may prove to be difficult when you’re on a limited budget. The solution for you is to use a universal remote control. Fortunately, you can use technology to your advantage and download home theater system apps which can serve as the universal remote. Be mindful that sometimes the app has to be compatible with your equipment and depends on the brand you are using.

9) Furniture

Of course, you can’t have a snazzy entertainment system and watch while sitting on the floor. You need to strategically place your furniture for you to be able to enjoy your view. You may want to look into putting stands and racks for drinks if ever you consider eating popcorn while watching. You may opt for cheap or high-end furniture such as lazy boy, but that highly depends on you, as long as you’re comfortable in your own home.

It’s not wholly impossible to bring home the immersive theater experience at home. Revive your greatest movie viewing memories at home with your loved ones for a more intimate set up. All you need to do is to put your head into the task and synchronize all elements, and voila, you’re ready for the best movie date you have seen your whole life.
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