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K jamming is not an unfamiliar term for young generation Singaporeans. Singing karaoke or “K jamming” is the hot and latest hobbies for Singaporeans. Not only is a latest crazy for young generation Singaporeans, is also making the older generation Singaporeans to feel the urge to be in this hit trend.

Spending quality time with your friends and family singing karaoke in outlets like K Box or Party World for a session of karaoke does not come cheap. Why not install a home karaoke system? Yes, installing one such system may not come in cheap but in a long run it does benefit you a lot, particularly if you like singing karaoke a lot.

Moreover, if you house had a home karaoke system do allow you to enjoy and not to spend any money on food and beverages. This cost could be incurred if you decided in singing karaoke in a karaoke outlet. Ideally, it also can foster a good bonding session with your whole family in competing who can have a high score from the home karaoke system.

In this article, I will introduce you which are the parts or items that are needed when you seek for professional karaoke system installer to install for you.

1. A good disk player that can play multi-format

You must ensure that this karaoke disc player not only play songs that are in CD format but also in the format of VCD, DVD, Mp3 or Mp4 etc. The main important key functions that your required are play, eject, a fast and easy navigation to select your songs from those discs. Do not make haste purchases on systems that have weird functions name that you do not even will be using in any chances.

2. A good microphones

Always get a pair of microphones as sometime you may wish to sing duets. Whether is to select wireless or wired is really depend on your requirements, however the cost will varies between the two types. Certain people would prefer use the costly wireless mic. The disadvantage of this kind of mic is that you need to have noise filtering to prevent you having a feedback when the mic has no signal. Also another disadvantage is that you may need to constantly ensure that there are new batteries available due to that this wireless mic runs on batteries and when the power is down means no more singing.

Actually you do not a super good and expensive microphone. Any good sound quality microphones either it is wireless or wired so long it has a good audio transmitting and can handle high and low voices ranges will be a good choice for you.

3. A good monitor

You do not need to purposely go purchase a LCD monitor. Any LCD television can be used as a monitor. It will be better if your screen is big thus you would miss any lyrics. You can even install a big projector screen
for your home karaoke system.

4. A strong stereo speakers

Always do bear in mind that not all speakers are suitable for home karaoke system. You selected speakers must able to portray you sound like a professional singer and also to let you cancel all feedback. Choosing of speakers is vital as you would like your music to be in good quality when you blast your volume.

5. Music, Songs

Ultimately, after getting your home karaoke system, you would need to jive in all those hits and pop music. Before you open for a party, do a search and stock up those songs which cater to all ages of your guests.

To summarise, above steps are just a guideline that you can follow when you engage a professional karaoke system installer. Professional like us  will give you proper and installed your ideal karaoke system for you.

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